32weeks (gestational wise) almost 2 weeks old!

It has been a whirl wind already!! I can’t beleve how fast time flies by… here is an update on our beauties:

Caelynn started out this week with signs of reflux, which causes her to stop breathing, most of the time she can recover herself, but other times the nurse stimulates her back or chest to remind her to breathe. Scary? Yes. But its to be expected at her age, the Doc says she’ll grow out of it. She lost a few ounces but is slowly gaining it all back!

Evelyn has also shown mild signs of reflux, but nothing as far as we can tell that is as “bad” as her sissy. She’s gaining the weight she lost as well!

Both girls are getting fortified breast milk. They’re getting a full ounce now (which was their goal!) and they’ve been getting good practice with the bottle! Caelynn took 7cc from bottle tonight and Evelyn took 10cc. I was able to snuggle with both of them tonight which felt s o good!

All the thoughts, prayers, food and money are all appreciated very much!

I will give an update on Thomas..Β  he has his pictures still of “Eeby and Caeyin” he is gettinh so big and is starting to put words togethet to form sentences! “I like luci kisses” but it sounded like “I yike yuci kisses! ” he asks for milK- CAPITOL K, only because thats how he sounds when he asks for it..like he’s clearing his throat.Β  Its cute πŸ™‚ his new favorite songs: you are my sunshine and rock a bye baby… πŸ™‚

We are truly blessed!


Almost one week old!

Since I’ve been extremely busy (tired). I wanted to give a quick up date on what’s been goin’ on!

This week the girls are 31 weeks old (gestationally)

What a whirl wind.

Monday, I came home. It was so nice to finally be home! Thomas was napping when I walked in and I was waiting impatiently for him to wake up. I admit I might have walked into his room a few times in hopes I’d be a little “too loud” for him to wake up. Finally he woke up and I went into his room. He was a little groggy still, but as soon as we locked eyes he perked right up and started smiling and jumping up and down in his crib. Made my heart melt. Chris has to pick him up for me since I”m not allowed to pick up more than 10lbs. Β After he woke up, I resumed my position on the couch. I showed Thomas my breast pump and of course being the “pushy button” kid he thought it was “AWESOME” I showed him what mommy does with it and now he knows when I have to pump. He even tells me “Mama, PUMP!” haha. That night, he took a bath, I put lotion on him and got him in his pjs (superman pjs that is). I marveled in watching him dance around and laugh with Chris. I indeed missed these moments and that happy little face of his. I asked him “Thomas, would you like momma to rock you tonight?” and I don’t know if it were the pjs or if he was that excited, but it seemed as though he FLEW into his room and waited by the rocking chair. I put the boppy pillow up on my lap to protect my incision. Then Chris put him on top of the pillow. Thomas curled right up and put his head on my chest and requested that I sing “You are my sunshine” “Sto lat” “Jingle Bells” and “ABC’s” over Β and over. I didn’t mind. It was relaxing and I really did miss singing him “Sto Lat” my little Polish boy. πŸ˜‰


Tuesday, Chris and I began to settle into a routine again, this time with two little princesses involved. We get Thomas down for a nap and then we head up to the NICU to spend some quality time with Caelynn and Evelyn. I was able to do some Kangaroo hold with my sweet Evey, it was such a great feeling and I love it! Both girls were put on “caffiene” to help with their heart rates. Their heart rates kept dipping. Which is really common with preemies. They’re probably going to be on that until they are about ready to go home. Which I know it is all good.

I know this sounds crazy, but having the experience we did with Thomas being a preemie, we know the importance of their rest. We stay for only about 2 hours. Holding them, changing their diapers, taking their temps, and attempting to bottle feed them, which was a surprise to me that they even were interested in the first place to “nipple”. We want them to grow, and we want them to know that we love them. It is really hard to be home and them in the NICU, but trust us, we know that we can’t be there all day (even though we wish we could) and we do have a toddler that needs our constant attention as well. Our girls are being cared for by some of the best of the best and we put our trust in them to watch over and protect our little girls. With that being said, this time we want them to stay until they’re ready. Instead of when we had Thomas we just wanted him home at first. We now understand that babies aren’t suppose to be doing so much that we ask of our little girls who should be our little sleeping beauties (in my womb).

Wednesday, both Chris and I were able to do kangaroo care with our girls this time I held Caelynn and Chris and Evelyn. Both girls on Wed. were on their bili blankets. Their bili results were 8.7 & 8.9. So they needed the blanket for sure (another common thing among preemies). Both were tube fed as well, so we were able to do the kangaroo hold while they ate. Since they’re on a feeding schedule of on the hour and half hour (every three hours) Caelynn was fed first. Our dear Evelyn was acting so hungry, that when she was on Chris’ chest she started rooting and he had to give her her own fingers, especially after she tried nippling on his chest. Once she found her thumb, she was somewhat content.

Today, Thursday. We went up around 2, the usual. To our surprise, Evelyn was off of her nasal cannula! She’s on 100% room air now! Even though the neonatalogist said that they may need to go back on it every now and then, this was a huge step for her because Caelynn has been on room air since Sunday! They were also off the bili blankets (which they may have to go back on too). Caelynn was having a few dips in her heart rate after she was done eating. The nurse said that she looked as though she had some reflux going on. Yet another normal thing for a preemie to experience. These little baby girls are constantly on my heart, as I try not to worry. They’re doing good so far! Every day is a new day and a step closer to us being able to bring them home!

Thomas has learned his sister’s names and he also has two of his very own pictures of them. He calls Evelyn “EEEVEY” and Caelynn “CAE YIN”. He gives them kisses and I make sure to pass them along. He knows that we call them his “sissies” but this boy has no idea what is in store! πŸ™‚


I’ve been feeling ok. This might be too much info, but ever since my surgery, I wasn’t able to have a BM. So Chris and I have been brainstorming as to what to do….first an enema (which I was afraid to use, so I only used a little of the solution, and it did absolutely NOTHING, but the embarrassment of Chris having to run to Kroger at 10pm to get it for me. So finally last night we took a trip back to Kroger and I bought prunes, prune juice and fiber bars….. and I am happy to say “I FINALLY POOPED!” haha! I am starting to feel better too! Right now I have a bag of frozen veggies on my incision. It is actually helping by taking away the burn. To be completely honest, I would rather be recovering from a vaginal delivery right now, than the c-section.

I think by watching Chris melt when he holds his girls, makes me love him more and more. He’s been so cute lately, especially with picking out their jammies and decorations for their room. Its been a huge help! I think also, since I was so “bossy” when I was pregnant with Thomas and I HAD to have his room decorated a certain way, its only fair that Chris enjoys having a say in what he wants his daughters room to be like and how they will be dressed. Evelyn and Caelynn are already daddy’s little girls πŸ™‚

Well, its late and its time for me to go call the NICU, make sure our girls aren’t causing any trouble and go to sleep. (pumping comes early in the morning!)



Wow!!! A birth story to remember!!

If you don’t know already… the girls are here! Friday, 30weeks & 3 days. -I had an ultrasound in the morning the cord flows looked great they were measuring at 32 & 31 weeks. -I was put on the monitors. Babies heart tones were excellent! -I started contracting. -Resident came in and checked me. I was the same just like on Wednesday. 3cm dilated. 60% efaced. -3. -MFM suggested giving me a “morphine rest. The nurse hooked my iv up, thinking i needed fluids. -morphine was administered. (I HATE the rush of morphine! I cried my eyes out) -took my indocin at 3pm -contractions kept coming. Unusual. -resident checked me again at 4:15. This time I was still 3cm, but I was more efaced. 80%. Resident confirmed I was in active labor. -started the magnesium for both babies neurological systems. -by 5:00pm the OR was booked for me. -(ob leaves home to make it to the hospital to fo the delivery. Chris leaves work) -5:50 I was taken to the or. The anesthesiologist gets me prepped. Spinal in place…body starts feeling weird. (I puked) -6:08 Chris arrives. Gets into scrubs. Nurse grabs him. Brings him to the OR. -By the time Chris sits down we heard “baby a (6:13pm)” no more than 20 seconds later “baby b ( 6:14)”.
-hearing babies crying was great! It was so beautiful and we were both so relieved! Crying tears of joy!
– Evelyn scored a 5, 8 on her apgar score.
-Caelynn scoref a 4, 9 on hers.
-Doc stitches me up. I was wheeled to recovery. Btw when I was being wheeled away the nurse said “look down the hallway and wave to your family!”
I looked down the hallway and saw soo many smiling faces. Chris, My mom, Darcy, Joce, Michelle, Lindsey and Brooklyn. What a comforting sight!Β  So much support.
In recovery I was smiling and happy to hear about our girls.Β  Despite their young gestational age, they we’re our very own miracles, directly from God himself! Living, breathing, crying!!

I cannot believe still that we have 2 TWIN daughters! They’re so adorable and have such sweet faces!

First feeding went good. Evelyn took her 5cc like it was no ones business. Caelynn quickly stole her sister’s thunder the second feeding as she drank (for me!)! Oh and Caelynn was breathing room air.

The thing with preemies is the set backs. They can have a great first two days and then…some hiccups. So we know to stay calm and let the doctors and nurses do their thing πŸ™‚

We are blessed beyond words!

I get to go home and I’m so overwhelmed with emotion! I don’t know what I want to do first…shower? Lay down in our bed?Β  I cannot wait to spend time with Thomas and build our relationship and trust back to normal. Its going to be a challenge to balance time with Thomas and coming up to the hospital with our girls. But we will make it work! I know that time will eventually fly by and we will have our pretty little princesses home!!

Have a blessed day everyone!

30weeks 3days

Its been a crazy 24+ hours! Wednesday,Β  I started having contractions around 4 pm. I guess I might have been having them earlier in the day, but these ones were starting to take my breath away. I called my nurse and she put me and the babies on the monitors. Sure enough I was having them every 2-3 minutes. Babies looked great though! No decelerations in their heart tones. Its just my body that decided it has had enough I guess. So after seeing I was infact in labor they hooked me up to an iv, started pushing fluids to hydrate me. Unfortunately, I was still contractioning after an hour. Thats when the resident came in checked me. She said I was dilated to 3cm and I was 60% efaced. The good news was that I was -3 which means that baby A’s head was high. So she was just saying “I’m not on my way don’t worry mommy!”
The resident called my MFM doctor and my ob and they both agreed to start me on this medicine called Indocin.Β  Oh the joy of getting the first dose! They said they were going to give me 2 pills that in order to reach my blood stream faster they had to give me them rectally. Then my docs also agreed to give me another round of steroids for the babies lung development. Which I have to get in my hip (aka Gluteus maximus) well after the first dose I had to be checked again I was still having contractions every 6-8 minutes. So she checked me yet again and I was the same. An hour later she checked me again and I was still the same by this time it was 11pm. The resident then told me good news…she wasnt going to check me again so long as my contractions start to get further apart. In whiched they did! I then was so tired I literally passed out. Until 2am I was woken up to take my second dose of Indocin (orally, thank God!) Went back to sleep-Starving because I wasnt able to eat anything due to the contractions and a possibility of them having to do an emergency c-section. By 7-8 am my new nurse came in…I told her I was starving.Β  She went and retrieved the resident who then told me it was ok to order breakfast!Β  Finally!Β  But I had to remain in bed. No getting up unless I had to use the restroom and I have to remain on the contraction monitor. I am now a prisoner to my bed with a 4 foot tether. If I’m off the monitor going to the bathroom for more than 6 minutes surely a nurse will pop in.

Anyhow…. I began to start having selfish thoughts of “just take them out” I know its wrong, but if they were to be born this early I know it would mean a longer nicu stay and possible breathing troubles. I just have to fins things to take my mind off of thinking so much. Hard to do when I have to just sit/lay here. I’m wearing an awesome hospital gown that has slits for breast feeding. So one move and I’m exposing myself unintendually. “What happened to this positive happy mommy?” You might ask. Well, I’m still here I’m trying my best to remain calm.

I was finally able to see Thomas last night. My mom brought him up to see me, which I needed. I haven’t seen him since Sunday and he just sat here and cuddled with me while watching videos of his daddy singing, his cousin Paige singing and his favorite video of his cousin Reese opening up a monster high doll that shes been “wanting for years”…(up until a couple of months ago sge probably had no idea what one was! Haha!) Characters.

I’m looking forward to my friend Darcy Mcbroom to visit this afternoon and then my other special visitors my bffs coming for our weekly girls night, much needed!

I miss my home. I miss rocking with Thomas and sing him his requesed songs (mostly sto lat). I know I’ll be home soon and then there after the girls will be joining us. We’re hoing to be a full house thats for sure! I’m thinking of training uncle chad for night time feedings with the girls..Β  lol especially if he is up playing COD, he can just bring it all up stairs and keep watch until one or both wake up and then he can wake me up! Haha!

Well I hope everyone has a blessed day! I’m going yo try to sleep for at least an hour (been up since 1:30am) I love that my brother Scott works midnights snd that he loves to talk..made a wh ole jour fly by! Haha!Β  πŸ™‚

29weeks 5days….. Happy Dance!

Hi all!

My doctors and nurses have been nothing but THE BEST! I’ve been here for almost 4 weeks (that is one month! ) I have 2 1/2 weeks to go, hoping all continues to go well..
My ob, Dr.S is like a mother to me, she calls me when she can’t make it in to visit me. She drives here from her home in northville, she will be on call at St.Mary’s snd will call to check in on me. She is great! She even went on vacation this past week, and I didnt expect her to keep in contact, but every night I’d receive a text from her to see how the day went. My MFM doctors Dr.B & Dr.B are absolutely amazing as well my female Dr.B is awesome I think shes my age, she comes in at a decent hour (8 or 9) in the morning to check on me, shes so positive and that is comforting. My male Dr.B is so nice and his positivity and encouragement helps as well! He always says to me “you’re always smiling!” Is that something these doctors and nurses not use to seeing? I’M HAVING TWINS! I am EXCITED!! πŸ™‚ I always have something to smile about! I was blessed with a great husband, son and now two daughters! I’m ecstatic!Β  Never would I ever think I’d have twins…its all so surreal to me! January 17th is the goal. That will make gestation age of 32weeks and 2days (Just like when I had Thomas)!

My nurse came in this morning and weighed me. I now weigh 152 lbs. Which surprised me, I thought for sure I’d at least weigh 160. I weighed before coming in 152. So I really haven’t gained weight. I don’t know if my doctors are going to be concerned or not… before getting pregnant I weighed roughly 125-130… so I’ve only put on 22lbs so far. They told me to expect 30-40lbs weight gain. I eat…I swear! I feel like my belly keeps getting bigger and bigger. So I’m hoping that means all of these calories are going straight to the girls. Which the u/s tech noticed the girls getting chubby cheeks, so I think its a good thing πŸ™‚ I just look at it as a way to get bsck in shape so I can keep up with my 3 little babies πŸ™‚

Today is a great day! I thank God for such love and I thank everyone for the continued prayers and support. Such a great journey to be on and not to feel alone. I have experienced quite a bit here and I’ve learned a lot about myself.Β  It helps knowing that my nurses fight over who gets me πŸ™‚Β  a great lesson: treat others the way youd want to be treated.. respect, gratefulness, love, understanding, and just be plain ol pleasant πŸ™‚

Have a blessed day!!!!


29 weeks 3days 12 minutes until 29weeks 4days…

While sitting here tonight… learning to crochet a different pattern for a new hat, I can’t help it, but whst is on my mind is juggling…..


I know that my time with Thomas is equally important with my time with the girls… I’m a bit nevous as we’re closing in on the week the girls are “due”. 2 1/2 more weeks, and they’ll be here if all continues to go well.Β  I’m nervous that when Chris goes back to work, I’m going to be going out of my mind. How am I going to feed the girls, feed Thomas, put them all down for nap, clean the house, make dinner for Thomas and I, while more than likely breastfeeding in between, eat dinner and then give all 3 baths and get ready for bed, get them all in bed and then take a shower get in my pjs and go to bed, then wake up 30 minutes later because someone is hungry, crying..etc. then when Chris gets home stay up to have an adult conversation. Just how is it possible that I will juggle all of that? I hope and pray that Chris will get a new schedule at work… 7:30-4:30 would be great! Instead of the 1-10. Doubt it though :/ I think itll eventually be “ok”, but I definitely do not want to depend too much on my momma… I guess it will all work out. I need to stop thinking sooooo much. But there are a few things I need to stock up on, a Costco membership has never sounded so perfect! Diapers, wipes, bottles….. oh my! I think I need a new breast pump too! With time…I know.

Well anyway the girls are doing good. Feel them getting bigger. Starting to get stretch marks (they itch so bad!!) Ohhhhh wellllll……

Anyway, have a blessed day! πŸ™‚

29weeks 2days… keep on trucking babes…

Yesterday the ultrasound went really good. Cord flows were 2.0 & 2.1. Found good to me! The tech also pointed out again… that our girls already have a tone of hair! I’m so excited about this! I have crocheted both girls a couple of hats for the NICU and a headband each πŸ™‚

Thomas is with my Pop and Sherry for the rest of the week. I may or may not see him until this weekend, but my Pop is pretty good at sending me pictures, so that helps!

I felt so bad for Chris last night. After getting Thomas all packed and ready to go to Erin’s house in the morning yesterday…. working all day long, to come home and he had to shovel the driveway. I don’t mind shoveling and if I were home and I had the girls, I would’ve helped him out. He’s a great husband and works so hard. I know he’s stressed out, but he’s doing a great job and before he knows it, we will be a team again!

For some reason our girls decide to be good on the monitors in the morning, then when it’s time for the night monitoring they decide it’s a perfect time to scramble around and give the night nurse a run for her money. Baby A’s heart rate kept up in the mid to high 180s… if she didn’t come down the nurse said she might have to hook me up to an iv. Ugh. So I started drinking water and sure enough she came down to 148-164(which made mommy VERY happy!).

I don’t know if it were the racing heart rates or me thinking about my husband or about my son. I just could not sleep last night. I fell asleep around 11:30ish and woke up at 2. When I woke up at 2, I thought it was already 6 in the morning. Then I kept waking up every hour thereafter. Surprisingly I feel good. Maybe it was all the napping on and off yesterday? Who knows… What was really nice yesterday, my mom came at 1:30 & stayed until 5. It was nice just to have someone here with me. Especially my mom. She sat here, knitted, napped and watched tv with me. I ate the sauerkraut and kielbasa my sister in law brought me and I ordered mom a chicken caesar salad, my “treat” haha! It was ‘relaxing’ according to my mom πŸ™‚

Today, I am hoping that Chris will come stay the night. I know that tomorrow he has off, so that would be nice. πŸ˜‰

Sad that I only get to see the snow. I really would like to touch it smell the crisp cold air etc.. soon enough!

Be careful driving out there! Have a blessed day everyone!!!!